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Apple Is A Role Model For Raw Material Procurement

Nov 18, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Computer corporation Apple has taken the lead in enforcing production conditions based on human rights.Several of the group’s measures are putting increasing pressure on mine operators in the Congo, which is producing in particularly bad conditions.

Apple Congo

The electronics industry needs a variety of raw materials that simply can not be found in countries that adhere to the democratic and constitutional principles. At least, due to intensive public relations work by human rights organizations, it has meanwhile been ensured that the careful purchase of materials is also an important part of marketing.

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In a recent ranking of the Enough Project, which deals with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Apple is now at the top. But Google is also far ahead. In the green area are also HP, Microsoft, and Intel. Various other engineering and jewelry manufacturers that source natural resources from Congo are doing far worse here.

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Congo is home to some of the most important raw materials in the industry. In addition to gold, cobalt should be mentioned here. After the topic was repeatedly on the table, among other things, Apple has responded. At times, the purchase of cobalt from various suppliers was stopped. Ultimately, this economic pressure has meant that the mines as well as the processing companies have given external auditors access and improved their working conditions.

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While Apple and Google are actively working to change the situation on the ground, this does not bother many other companies. In the new ranking of the organization in particular different large jewelry dealers lie deep in the red range. But even Samsung and Toshiba are hardly concerned about the conditions under which their materials were used. 


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