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Apple plans to buy Disney: The merger of two giants

Mar 27, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The tech circles have been abuzz once again with news from the industry giant Apple Inc. The hottest news circulating the online news channels today, is that Apple plans to buy Disney. It is not known that how much truth is behind this news but one thing is for sure, there is definitely enough resources as well as motivation behind this venture.

Why Apple plans to buy Disney?

According to business insider news this news might be true. Apple is sitting on the top of a bloating amount of around 200 billion. So where Apple does plans to invest this humungous amount. Known from the company’s previous ventures, Apple does not hoard, and constantly invest in innovation and new technology. There is definitely enough revenue with Apple that makes them eligible to buy Disney outright.

So the resources are there, then what the motivation is. This is an easy to answer question. We are talking about Disney. The huge and magnanimous empire, teeming with potential for innovation. Owning Disney means owning the exclusive content rights to thousands of multimillion dollar franchises. With release of every new successful Disney animated movie spawns an endless foray of merchandise, video games, apps, clothing and what. We are living in the era where content is quintessential for the success of any venture. Having exclusive rights to Disney and related characters means the owner become a king of a huge kingdom of Disney content.

What benefit is in store for Apple Inc.?

Consider the scenario when Apple has the exclusive rights to broadcast Disney’s videos and TV shows. Would that not increase the sale of Apple TV OS to at least double? All the Disney games and apps will be released on Apple’s iOS devices. The sales of iPads and iPhones will skyrocket after that.

Although releasing the Disney content exclusively for iOS and not for windows or Android would be very bad for Disney content. It would be better to release on iOS first and then a week or two late on other devices. Even that would boost the sales of Apple products in millions and millions of dollars. Fans are known to pay big amounts just to be the first ones to get their favorite product so the same case applies here. The great way for Apple to earn revenue. Once from the Disney products and next from the sales of Apple Products.

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Apple-Disney theme park

It is too soon to plan so far on such news but given the futuristic and technology driven approach that has been behind the construction and development of Apple Campus in Cupertino, California, we can only imagine to what heights Apple take the consumer experience of Disneyland theme park. When there will be Disney characters and Apple’s technology combined, magic will surely happen.

What do you think of Apple plans to buy Disney? Share with us by commenting below.

Source : Business Insider

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