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Apple Offers Battery Replacement For $29

Dec 29, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The US computer corporation Apple has responded to the massive criticism of its handling of the aging of lithium-ion batteries of older iPhone models.The company now wants to offer its customers a discounted replacement of batteries and also announced that it wants to provide better information about the battery status in the future.


As Apple announced in a letter to its customers published today, it should be possible from the end of January, worldwide, to get a discount on the replacement of the battery for all iPhone models from the iPhone 6. For the US was called a price of $ 29, to which the customer can install a new battery – if the affected device is an iPhone 6, 6S, 7 (Plus) or 8 (Plus) or X. This is equivalent to a discount of $ 50 compared to the usual price.

In addition, it wants to soon deliver a software update for iOS, which brings new features.These are designed to provide more information about the condition of each battery so that the user can better determine if their device may be throttled due to poor battery performance. Apple explained in its letter that some customers apparently felt abandoned and wanted to apologize.

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However, Apple maintains that throttling certain iPhones for aging batteries is not a measure to promote sales of recent models. Instead, aggressive power management attempts to prevent an unexpected shutdown of the iPhone. To better inform customers about trying to balance performance with battery, Apple has now released a new Knowledge Base article.

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The Group reiterated that it was not an intentional mitigation, but it was wrong to deal with customer feedback. During the autumn of 2017, various reports were received, according to which the equipment of some customers would no longer deliver the usual performance under certain conditions. First, it was assumed that this was related to the delivery of the new iOS 11 and the increased use of the equipment as part of the upgrade.

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Meanwhile, it had become clear that there was a connection with the “chemical aging” of the batteries of affected devices in these feedbacks.So it would be in most cases probably older devices from the series iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, which are still running with their factory-built batteries. To meet these customers now, they decided to offer discounted battery exchange.


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