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Apple design awards 2017 – The Best designed Apps of the year

Jun 9, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Each year millions of apps are uploaded on the Apple store. Some of them become a hit and others fail to make their mark and fade into oblivion. In order the select the best of the best every year Apple holds the Apple Design Awards for the apps that are best of the best with regards to design and functionality on its platform. One thing that is important in these awards is that how well the app integrates and communicates over the iOS platform.

Here is the list of winners of the Apple Design awards 2017

1 – Blackbox

This app was created by a single person and he had no idea it would become such a huge phenomenon. It is basically a mind game that relies on different types of puzzles. The puzzles get harder as you progress in the game. The game has a staggering 80,000 five star rating reviews from all over the world. The game is available on the iOS platform only so Android users cannot benefit from it. It is engaging and rather addictive. There are around eighty puzzles for you to solve but the number might change.

Apple Design Awards

There is no shortage of brain games apps but blackbox manages to stand out because of its unique and different style. It has a beautiful design and works seamlessly with the iOS that is why it is a winner in Apple design Awards 2017.

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2 – Splitter Critters

A very cute and addictive game, Splitter critter works by splitting up the Earth. Critters are aliens that need to be guided back to their spaceship. In order to do that you need to split the world and break it into sections and then lead the critters to their ships. The idea is unique and interesting. The planets are created with amazing detail and meticulous storyline. Once you start with this game it becomes very difficult to put it down.

Apple Design Awards

Designed for iOS based devices, it might release the Android version too because of the popularity it has garnered. Do try it out for hours of fun.

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Mushroom 11

Another unique and interesting game. It takes place in a dystopian world and in order to explore this world you have to mold yourself into various eerie shapes and sizes. The game was developed by the team of Untame. Here you are in control of a mushroom shape that can alter and change in order to make it solve different puzzles and put everything in place. The beautiful musical score of the game has been given by the Future Sound Of London. Besides the iOS this game also works on the Windows and Linux platform.

Apple Design Awards

Old Man’s journey

Apple Design Awards

Developed by Broken rules, this game is something drastically different from what your notion of games usually is. It is about the journey of an old man through the ups and downs of life embedded in an adventure and puzzle game. The good thing about this game is that it is available for a wide variety of platforms including Android, iOS, MAC OS and Windows.

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Playing this game is not only fun but also it provides life lessons too.


Apple Design Awards

Developed by DrinkBox studios, this game won the iPad game of the year award last year and this year it is a winner among the Apple design awards. Again the unique feature of the game is the stand out design and captivating visuals. It is an action adventure game unlike the other winners that are usually puzzle games. It is available for Nintendo, iOS, PlayStation Vita and Wii U. another great game to add to your bucket list if it is not already there.

 These were the game Apps that received the awards at Apple Design Awards 2017. Next up are some wonderful apps other than games that won big time at the Apple Design Awards 2017.

Lake: De-Stress Therapy with Art Coloring Pages

now that it has been widely known that coloring relaxes your mind and takes away depression and sadness, adult coloring apps are largely becoming popular. Among them Lake stands tall as being better and more detailed as compared to a number of other apps. However there are a lot of in app purchases here so beware. Usually there is just one free page from each artist. Otherwise you have to pay for the rest. No doubt the pages are beautiful and show a great amount of talent but there is definitely a lack of free coloring pages.

Apple Design Awards

People who are just doing it to kill time can find other apps with free coloring pages. However if you are genuinely interested in arts then you can download it.

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Kitchen Stories

Of course where would we be if there was no food recipes apps among the list of winners? Kitchen stories has a large collection of amazing, easy to follow recipes. It is a great site for beginners or experts both as there is so much variety to learn from. The app has a very colorful and catchy design thus making it a winner at Apple Design awards 2017.

Apple Design Awards

Things 2

A tasking managing app with a simple and straight forward but beautiful design that is stroke of a genius. It is developed by Culture Code GmbH and Co. it has made making To Do lists so much easy and fun. It will help you organize your time and schedule all your tasks appropriately. A great planner app great for CEOs, students and even home makers.

Apple Design Awards


It is a currency converter app which aims at minimizing your typing. Give it one value and it will give the conversion for that value as well as ten values above and below it. it will automatically pick up where you are provide currency exchange rate accordingly. It is also optimized for the Apple smart watch’s watch OS.

Apple Design Awards


This great photo editing app has all the features of amazing photo editing apps combined. Yes if you have Enlight you do not need to worry about making your photo do round around different photo editing apps. This one app Enlight as so many great and easy to use features for photo editing.

Apple Design Awards

Airmail 3

Another great app with lots of utility, Airmail supports a large number of email providers like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL Google etc. it makes switching between accounts like a breeze. It will connect all your email accounts together making life simpler and easier for you.

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Apple Design Awards


How can a writing app be so versatile and creative? Bear takes the writing apps to the next level. It is great for writing quick notes to long essays. You can also write pieces of code and edit them. You can subscribe for bear pro to get cool new features and functionality. Do try this app if you are fond of writing of any kind.

Apple Design Awards

These are the amazing apps that were good enough to win the prestigious Apple design awards this year. Do you use any of these apps? Let us know about your experience.


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