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Apple AR Glasses Might Be Unveiled In September!

Aug 14, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Interest in Augmented Reality (AR) has increased a lot in the recent year. AN example of that is the PokemonGO game. Recently, the Taiwan supply chain insiders have revealed that Apple will unveil the product next month. These Apple AR glasses might become the most important iPhone accessory!

Apple AR Glasses

According to the supply chain insiders, the Apple AR glasses will have 3D camera features and built a series of sensors. Because these glasses might be an accessory for iPhone 8, they might only have glasses and no screen. Foxconn and Heshuo Group will become the main hardware suppliers, but there are concerns about the hardware production capacity.  Prior to this, the venture capital company Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster said in an interview he expects Apple to release glasses in 2020, and the AR glasses are likely to replace the iPhone. The AR glasses might become the new darling of the world’s users in a very short period of time. The size of Apple glasses is expected to exceed the iPhone.

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Munster mentioned that Apple’s AR glasses will provide information on top of the real world and this information and the real world is one of the most important interaction. He also believes that with the introduction of Apple glasses, iPhone growth will reach its peak in the 2019 fiscal year, and then began to slow down. At present, iPhone accounted for more than 60% of Apple’s overall revenue.

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