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Apple And Google Brand Reputation Slipped Down In A Recent Survey

Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Which brands are at the top favorites? With a comprehensive consumer report, an answer to this question is sought once a year in the USA. As the new report for the year 2017 shows, Microsoft was able to make some places last year, for Apple and Google, it went downhill significantly.

Apple And Google Reputation

With the “Harris Poll on Corporate Reputation”, market researchers in the US determine once a year what the reputation of companies is. This year, for the nineteenth time, the report will be published, making it one of the longest-running opinion polls in America. There are clear movements in the placement of companies. With a look at the development of Microsoft, you can see that the company from Redmond has made a real leap in favor and perceptions of users.

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While Microsoft was at the 20th spot last year, this year the company got the 11th place, just one place after the top 10 most popular brands. As Neowin points out in its report, this may be due to increased efforts around brands and products that directly target consumers – factors such as the introduction of the Xbox One X and the introduction of other new services and devices could have a positive impact have had the perception of the customers. The development for Microsoft is particularly positive, but above all in comparison with the IT competition.

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A look at other major IT companies shows that both Apple and Google need to do something, according to the latest report. In the opinion poll, Apple can only reach position 29 – last year, the consumer had placed the company still in fifth place. Google also loses its position in the top 10 and drops from eighth to 28th place. Harris Poll boss John Gerzema sees a clear reason here. Google and Apple are currently in something of a valley and are still working on self-driving cars. They are focused on artificial intelligence, but the results are not visible right now.

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Amazon was able to retain the top spot as the most popular company. As the researchers write, Amazon is thus the only company that enjoys an “excellent” reputation in the perception of US customers for nine consecutive years. All results of the survey, which surveyed nearly 26,000 consumers between December 2017 and January 2018, can be seen at the top of the graph or on the Harris Poll website .


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