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Apple Airpod 2 Is In The Final Stages Of Design

Jul 31, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Apple’s wireless headset called AirPod 2 has aroused the curiosity of people all over the world. The new generation of AirPod has been in the research and development phase for quite some time. According to news, the AirPod 2 is now in the final stage of design. It is worth mentioning that this wireless headset will be the first smart headset.

Apple AirPod 2

The reason why it will be called smart headphone, is mainly that  AirPod 2 will introduce biometric technology. A few months ago Apple had already got some patents on wireless headphones, one of which was “headphones with biosensors.”Analysts predict that AirPods 2 will have the opportunity to combine biometric technologies such as monitoring user health and becoming a novel “smartphone” product.

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It is understood that Taiwan’s Inventec will become the main foundry of this wireless headset factory. From the current progress point of view, the second generation AirPod is expected to be listed before the end of the year. Shipments may begin by the last quarter of the year. For AirPods 2 production progress, Inventec said it would not disclose customer information. Inventec is Apple’s exclusive foundry for two new products AirPods and HomePod exclusive foundry. the main production base in Shanghai factory. Earlier JP Morgan analysts said in a new memo that Apple might bundle the launch of AirPod 2 and iPhone 8. Bundled with this headset, iPhone 8 price is likely to increase to 1,000 US dollars.

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However, JP Morgan’s analysts are not optimistic about this strategy. They think that Apple has so far not solved the AirPods capacity problems. Apple’s official website shows AirPods delivery time to be 6 weeks. If the AirPod 2 is bundled with iPhone 8, it will delay the shipment f the latter too.  


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