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Andy Rubin’s Essential Was The Biggest Flop Of 2017

Feb 13, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Given the initial huge hype about the Essential Phone, it has become clear that Android founder Andy Rubin has probably produced the biggest flop of the last year. According to the data available to market researchers, the sales figures were extremely disappointing.

The Essential Phone

In the summer of 2017, the Startup Essential, founded by Rubin, began delivering the first smartphones. These were not bad at all. Nevertheless, the phone wasn’t able to arouse a lot of interest. Just 88,000 devices were actually delivered to buyers by the end of the year, said Francisco Jeronimo of market research firm IDC.

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Surely no one had assumed anyway that Rubin’s company could advance approximately in dimensions, in which the market leaders Apple and Samsung are heading. After all, Apple, for example, after the introduction of new models sell more than a million devices a day. The fact that the Essential Phones sold so little is surprising.

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There were other relatively new entrants who did it better: Namely, HMD Global, which breathed life back to the Nokia brand. Certainly one can say that after all, they could fall back on one of the biggest names in the business. But Rubin and his team cannot complain that they did not get enough attention from the public. Essential had not only provided a very convincing hardware but also started with a very attractive price of $ 499, which was again reduced neatly in the fall. And the updates came quickly again and again. However, it turns out that in the fiercely contested market of high-end smartphones, all that is not enough to be really successful.


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