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Improved Features And Better Battery Life? Say Hello To Android O!

Mar 23, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Get ready for the next Android release! Google has revealed the developer preview for the upcoming version of its operating system (OS), Android O. The new operating system includes a range of small improvements and some large ones which will make the Android experience better!

Android O will eventually have a sweet themed name like Lollipop, Marshmallow, and other previous Android versions. There will now be new approach to dealing with applications running in the background. This will greatly improve the battery life of devices running on Android O. Applications will automatically be limited in what they can do while they are running in the background. This will be done in 3 specific areas- background services, location updates and implicit broadcasts. Some other features of Android O are listed below.

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Best Features of Android O

Notification Channels

Notifications are a strong feature of Android. In Android O, you will be able to group your notifications into application defined categories for notification content. So if you have a string of applications that are news related, you will be able to view and control notification settings for all the applications in the news channel at the same time.Android O Notification

Keyboard shortcuts

For those who use a keyboard with an Android table, Android O will give improved support to developers to make shortcuts and navigation easier to use using a physical keyboard.

Snooze notifications

Sometimes you need the notifications to be silent for a while. Android O lets you snooze notifications by sliding your finger across a notification. You can then select how long you want to snooze it for: 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Lock screen shortcuts

In Android Nougat on the lock screen there is a mic icon for fast access to Google Assistant and a camera icon for fast access to take a photo. Android O will let you customize the lock screen with more shortcuts.

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Wide-gamut color

While this feature may not sound too exciting now, it will be in the future. Displays are improving with new phones and tablets, so your applications will be able to take advantage of all the beautiful colors and their subtleties.

HiFi Bluetooth audio

You will be able to wirelessly stream higher quality audio. The sound quality will depend on the quality of the audio recording and the speaker/headphone with which you will be listening to it. It is great if you are hooked to podcasts.

It is possible that even more features will be added to Android O in the future. What do you think it will be named after? Oreos? Oranges? Oatmeal? Let’s see!

Android O

O for Oreos?

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