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Android attacks vs iOS Attacks, which is  more dangerous

Jun 23, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

According to recent research released, the devices based on Android platform are more likely to face an attack or threat from malwares as compared to iOS devices. So among the Android attacks vs iOS attacks, android attacks are more likely to cause damage but there is a catch. This report has been released by Pradeo Security Software Company under the title of Mobile App threat assessment report. The report has been generated after examining 1.5 million devices and the results show the findings.

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Android attacks vs iOS attacks

With the increase in technology as well as the reach of the World Wide Web there have been increase in the threats and malwares. No matter how advanced and well protected the systems maybe the virus creators in the end find some loophole and launch an attack. That is why it is essential that one must be fully aware of the security limitations of the devices that one owns in order to protect privacy and personal data.

Android is mostly an open source platform so there are more attacks likely to be aimed at it. However because of being an open source there are counters and protections launched almost immediately. On the other hand if the attack is on Apple then although it is less frequent and would rarely occur, but whenever it would occur it would completely destroy the system. It would be difficult to overcome it and stop its spread to other devices.  iOS will have 47.8% probability of data leakage and loss, while the number of Android is 67.2%.

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Another thing that we know from the data reports by pradeo are that no matter which category the app belong to, the main threat that the malware will cause is the leakage of personal information. Mobile phone have a lot of personal data and information so if there is an information loss it will be very big.

Do you have an Android based device or iOS and are you satisfied with its security. Let us know by commenting below.

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