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Android 8.1 Has A Great New Feature To Protect Your Privacy

Oct 25, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Whether it is Apple or Google, all companies are trying to strengthen the security of their operating system to ensure that the user has the maximum privacy. Users are also really concerned about their privacy and security. Thankfully, Android 8.1 addresses this issue.

Android 8.1

For the upcoming Android 8.1 system, Google has enabled a new security protocol “DNS over TLS”. In simple terms, this new agreement does not allow Internet Service Providers to secretly observe your online behavior.

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The current DNS mainly uses the UDP or TCP protocol and enables the TLS. The server within a few nanoseconds complete the domain name resolution, so you can completely eliminate the peeping of the Internet Service Provider (at least to see which sites you visit easily).

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It is worth mentioning that if you choose the DNS does not support the TLS protocol, it is not enough, you need to manually switch to support TLS domain name protocol service providers, and this is no way to do things, because your browsing records on these Internet service providers are completely transparent, and to keep privacy, there is only a layer of virtual private network. 


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