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Android 7.0 Has Less Than 10% Share of The Android Market

Jun 7, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Google released Android 7.0 in the I / O conference last year. Now a year later, Android 7.0 has very little of the Android market shares.

Android 7.0

As of June 5, Android 7.0 market share is less than 10% (8.9% + 0.6% = 9.5%). A large number of Android devices still remain in the old versions. Android 6.0 and 5.x share is up to 60% more. Android 6.0 share is 31.2%, Android 4.x share is also a lot, more than 20%. With over 2 billion devices in the world using Android, only 190 million use Nougat. The use of Lollipop has gone down from 32% to 30.8%. Right now, Marshmallow is the most popular Android, with 31.2% share of the market. KitKat’s share has gon down from 18.8% to 18.1%. Ice Cream Sandwich’s share is 1%. Gingerbread’s share is 0.8%. The share of Jelly Bean has declined from 9.1% to  8.8%

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android 7.0 market share

It is said the manufacturers of devices released after the launch of Android 7.0 weren’t too enthusiastic about a system update. A considerable number of manufacturers ignored Android 7.0. Even Tim Cook ridiculed Android at the WWDC 217 conference. Cook said iOS 10 is the world’s highest rated user operating system, the current installation rate has reached 86%. As a comparison, the current installation rate of Android Nougat is only 7%, by contrast. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will have Android Nougat on T-Mobile.

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