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Amjad Sabri: Great Voice Was Silenced- Big LOSS FOR PAKISTAN

Jun 23, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of Pakistan’s most renowned qawwal or Sufi singer, Amjad Sabri was shot dead by the gunmen on 22 June 2016, around 4 p.m. in Liaqatabad, Karachi, Pakistan.  The 40- year old Qawaal, Amjad Sabri was targeted when he was on his way to a studio for Ramadan transmission with his brother. This deadly attack took place near his house in Liaquatabad when the attackers riding on a motorbike were following Sabri’s car. While he was driving the gunmen opened fire several times and he was critically wounded in this attack and after 10-15 minutes he was dead on the way when he was being rushed to the hospital while his brother was injured and is safe.The attackers just don’t killed a qawwal but they killed whole humanity today.

Main qabr andheri mein, ghabraunga jab tanha, Imdaad meri karnay, aa jaana Rasool Allah

(When I shudder in my dark tomb, please be my patron, oh dear Prophet)

This was the last qalaam he read in the Ramadan Transmission which was held on the channel Samaa on 22 June at the suhoor time.

Amjad Sabri who was one of the top Qawwali singers all over thw world. His qawwalis are very famous around the world and people love to hear them.

Amjad Sabri Style we will surly miss

Amjad Sabri’s famous qawwalis:

Karam Mangta Hoon

Mast Qalandar

Bhar Do Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad

Taj Dar-e-Haram


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