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AMD Is Providing Free CPUs For Ryzen 2000

Feb 18, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The new Ryzen 2000 processors can be operated in many motherboards only after a BIOS update.To perform this update, an older CPU is needed.The manufacturer AMD has now begun to send free loan processors.

Ryzen 2000

On its own support page, AMD announces that buyers of the Ryzen 2000 Combo Processors will be provided with a so-called “bootkit” if the purchased CPU cannot be used otherwise. All AM4 mainboards need to be updated to work with the new processors. For this purpose, the manufacturer lends CPUs of the “Bristol Ridge” series, unless the user is in possession of an older and functional processor. With the loan processor, the system can start and perform a BIOS update.

However, before the loan processor can be delivered, AMD will ask the customer’s payment information. The user’s credit card will then be debited with a security deposit to actually return the CPUs. The security amount corresponds to the original price of the required processor model. Once the return has arrived undamaged at AMD, the requested amount will be canceled and not charged to the user. A corresponding return slip is already enclosed with the delivery.

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The required BIOS update can also be installed without a borrowed CPU by the buyer first contacting the motherboard seller and asking for an update. AMD emphasizes, however, that this process can potentially incur additional costs and is therefore not an option for every customer.


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