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Amazon Patents Prime Air, Its Self Destructing Drone

Dec 4, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

In order for Amazon’s future delivery drones to be able to do no damage on the ground, the mail order company has filed a patent for the self-destruction of Prime Air.As soon as the drone crashes, it is split into small pieces.

Prime Air

The group has been granted the corresponding patent (via TheVerge ) in the United States, which describes the self-destruct mechanism. As soon as it is certain that the drone will actually crash, individual components are thrown off in succession, causing them only minor damage to the ground. The release of the components is made possible with springs and explosive charges.

With a so-called fragmentation controller, which was developed by the online mail order company itself, the self-destruction of the drone to be controlled. This initiates the process as soon as the battery fails or there is damage to the engines. Once a defect is detected, information about the environment, such as the weather, is checked. This will determine the order in which the components and where the package can best be dropped.

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The patent, however, does not reveal how Amazon really wants to use this technology.Other solutions could also ensure that a crash is associated with only a few consequences. It is also possible to use a parachute built into the drone so that the flying object can land safely. Whether the Amazon drones can be used commercially in the foreseeable future, however, remains unclear. It is likely that this will take many more years.


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