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Amazon Go Stores Will Be Cashierless!

Nov 17, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The retailer Amazon wants make stores operational, in which the customers no longer have to run through a cash register area. The store should automatically register which products are taken off the shelf and then automatically settle them when leaving the store via the Amazon account. These stores will be called Amazon Go.

Amazon Go

A first test branch of this “Amazon Go” concept could not be released to the public as planned some time ago because the technology was simply overwhelmed in practice. So the systems did not manage to allocate the individual customers, if then once more a few people were in the store at once. Meanwhile, however, various technical weaknesses have been cleared out of the way.

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According to a report by the US news agency Bloomberg, Amazon should even hire staff again for a start of the first corresponding branches. However, that does not mean that all difficulties have been eliminated. Basically, the system works pretty well by now, when individuals log in with their smartphone when they enter the store. Then the systems do not mess up even with larger numbers of visitors and calculate everything properly.

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An Amazon manager even knew how to shine with matching anecdotes. To put the shopping system to a hard test, three employees had recently come to trial runs: they all stormed the shop with the same full-body Pokemon costume, ran wildly in it and packed goods.When they left the store, all products had been transferred to the correct Amazon account for billing.
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There are still difficulties in everyday life, however, when situations occur that deviate from the normal shopping behavior of individual users. For example, if a user has their children with them, they also pack goods or maybe even eat a product in the store, problems may arise. So Amazon is still working on the fine-tuning. Likewise, one wants to become even better when a couple enters the store and want to buy with a single account together. 

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