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All About Amazon Cyber Monday

Nov 15, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Amazon has been preparing itself and its customers for the Biggest Bargain event of the year with the “Countdown to Cyber Monday Week” this week and details of the major event. We’ll tell you all the details & provide useful extra information.

 Amazon Cyber Monday

Cyber-Monday is one of the biggest online business bargain days of the year launched by various websites. The target audience is the holiday buyers. Amazon has again announced many details about the plans for the highest-turnover event of the year. Under the heading “Countdown to the Cyber Monday Week”, the company is starting the warm-up phase. You can see the countdown on Amazon’s website and new offer too. In addition, customers can browse many offers.

From the 20th to the 27th of November the real bargain main event of the year will start on Amazon: The Cyber Monday Week. As usual, the company promises that customers will be offered “more deals than ever”. For eight days, there is more than 10,000 flash offers and offers of the day with up to 50 percent off almost in all categories, said Amazon in advance. The offers of the day are always activated from 0:00 clock for 24 hours.

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Before a hasty spontaneous purchase of a supposed bargain, it is advisable this year to follow a simple rule: The crossed out price indicated by Amazon can be ignored. This is usually the recommended retail price of the manufacturer, which has rarely reference to the actual market price. You can get an average saving of 13.3 percent on technical products. Here is some information about deals.

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  • Amazon Lightning Deals and Amazon BuyVIP: 30 minutes early access to Amazon Lightning Deals as well as from 8pm the previous day Access to limited time promotions on Amazon.BuyVIP – Eleven hours before the regular launch.
  • Exclusive articles only for Prime members.
  • Prime Deals : every Thursday between 7am and midnight.
  • Exclusive use of Amazon Pantry: Large selection of everyday items. Shipping costs of 2.99 Euro are charged per Amazon Pantry Box.

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