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Amazon Bookstore opens up in the heart of New York City

May 25, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We all know that Amazon started as an online book selling website that later expanded and evolved and now sells almost anything under the sun. However books have always had a special place in Amazon’s product lists and given special treatment. Amazon is the producer of the world renowned e-book reader Kindle and other e-book readers are mostly fashioned keeping it as a prototype. Amazon bookstore is also a testimony of the emphasis that Amazon places on books.

New Amazon Bookstore

Amazon recently launched its first bookstore in the heart of New York city. The 4000 sqaure feet store is every book lovers dream come true. Lined with books and more books in every category and genre possible you can easily spend hours in the store enjoying book after book. Quite shrewdly the bookstore also enable you to log onto the amazon web page.

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There are no price tags on the books. You get the bar code on your mobile screen and enter it in the amazon site. Now you can access the book price and more about book part of the web experience. With each book there is a brief review from the online reviews as well as the star based ratings.

The design of the store is mostly data driven. There are a large number of categories like the page turners, children’s favorite etc. there is the beautiful hard wood flooring and light jazz music playing in the background.

Amazon has always been in a trend setter in many things. Earlier the Amazon go store made headlines when it made shopping without having to wait in long cashier queues possible. Amazon book stores help in increasing of the sales of the Amazon books.

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Have you ever bought a product from Amazon? What is your experience with Amazon bookstore both online or physical? Let us know by commenting below.

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