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Alipay to have ‘Brush face authentication’ for payment

May 19, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

China’s largest e-commerce group Alibaba’s Subsidiary Alipay is soon expected to use Brush Face authentication whenever payments are made online. So it seems that the era of alpha numeric based passwords will soon be coming to an end. Once Alipay will set up the standards others organizations are sure to copy the suit and make the AI based face recognition software as the basis of account authentication.

Recently we have seen a rise in online money based frauds and scams. Face recognition authentication is supposed to reduce it to a considerable amount. Mobile phones these days are coming with iris recognition or finger print authentication so facial recognition was the logical step ahead. Although Alipay has taken lead in doing it so.

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Alipay will be having a two-step authentication process.

  1. In the first step the user will have the picture of his face taken. Once the picture is taken it will be entered in the database for authentication. If it matches then we move to the second step.
  2. In the second step the user is asked to enter a number like a pin code.

After this verification process the payment will be made. As Alipay gains popularity day by day the amount of payments made everyday are increasing and so does the frequency of payments made. It is essential that Alipay has a flawless security for its transactions.

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The beta testing of the feature has been done have proven to show great results. It is working on iOS devices and on some Android based devices too. Soon it is expected that we would be able to see the feature rolled out to all the major machines. We do hope that before it happens the software is tested thoroughly because a small glitch can cause a huge amount of money loss in this case.

What do you think about facial recognition authentication process? Do you think it is a good replacement of passwords? Let us know by commenting below.


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