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Alibaba has no competitors according to Jack Ma

Jun 23, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Jack Ma, the richest man in China and the owner of the Alibaba franchise, the biggest e-commerce site in China and among the top three in the world, gave an interview yesterday. In conversation with American television talk show host Charlie Ross at the Kobo Center, Jack Ma gave an engaging and as always inspiring interview highlighting the fact that in his opinion Alibaba has no competitors.

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Alibaba has no competitors

In the candid interview Jack Ma had a lot of wisdom to share. When Charlie Ross asked about who is the threat to his Alibaba franchise, Jack Ma promptly replied that according to him there are no real competitors to his giant franchise Alibaba. At least in China by far there are no competitors for Alibaba franchise.

Jack Ma was in USA because of Us SME forum being held in Detroit. The forum attracted more than 3000 guest from 48 states of the US as well as from around the world.

Speaking about Amazon that is a much similar e-commerce franchise as Alibaba, Jack Ma replied that there is no competition between the two as Amazon is a business company while Alibaba is a commercial infrastructure. He said the main aim of Alibaba infrastructure is to help small businesses and franchises in participating towards globalization and making their mark in the world economy, thus bringing prosperity to themselves and to their country.

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When Charlie Ross suggested that Ma has learnt a lot from his experience as a teacher, Jack Ma whole heartedly agreed. He said as a teacher he always wanted his students to excel more and that is what has to be for a person to be a great teacher. In the same way he wants Alibaba to be a platform for people to learn more and to know more and to move towards betterment.

These were the views of Jack Ma, what do you think of them? Let us know by commenting below.

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