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Alexa Can Read Kindle Books For You Now

Feb 22, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Alexa compatible smart speakers such as “Amazon Echo” can now read Kindle books. Just calling “Alexa, read a book” will make it read the most recently downloaded book from the Kindle library. Also, even if it ends, it responds to the resume function that reads from the continuation of the most recently read books from the next time onwards. Amazon.com announced that Alexa, a voice assistant installed in the company’s smart speaker “Echo” series, now corresponds to the reading of Kindle books using the Text to Speech function.


If you say to your Echo “Alexa, read a book (or Kindle book)”, it will read the most recently downloaded title from the Kindle library from the beginning. From the magnetic field, it will play the continuation of the most recently read title. In addition, you can search and read Kindle books using the Alexa application.

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When reading aloud, you can also operate “Alexa, stop/restart”, “Alexa, fast forward / fast reverse”, “Alexa, go to the next chapter / previous chapter” You can also set a sleep timer before going to bed.In addition, books, photo albums, photo books, manga, graphic novels, adult items, etc. are not supported for reading aloud, books that correspond to reading aloud can be checked on the Alexa application or on the item details page of the book.

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The new features will improve accessibility to reading books not only for the readers but also for those who cannot read a book such as visually impaired people.


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