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Alcatel 5 – Sleek, affordable and classy

Feb 26, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As the mobile phone designs become slicker and feature list becomes longer and longer, the price tags get higher and higher. However among these high priced phones, Alcatel 5 makes a difference. The phone is below US $250 in cost and the features are great. You can get many top notch specs just within your budget.

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Alcatel 5 The complete review

Let us start with the design. It is made out of high quality plastic such that it seems to be made up of glass, but in reality it is plastic made. The screen is nice and large with almost no bottom and side bezels but there is a broad top or forehead bezel. The screen is 5.7 inch which is quite decent.

Being a plastic phone it is expected to be cheap and it is. However it has some cool new feature. The one that impressed us the most is the fingerprint scanner that can save upto five prints. With each finger print you can directly go to an app. For example with the middle finger you can open the camera, with the ring finger you log in directly to writing a text message and so on. Apart from this there is also a double camera. There is one wide angle camera that will be automatically activated once there are more than three faces detected in the selfie.

alcatel 5

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Some other cool tricks and tools include the automatic collage creation tool that makes creating a collage very easy, the photo booth feature and the picture fit mode, where half of the screen is filled with the photo taken and the other half lets you fit the scene in accordance with the previously taken picture.

Although it is a low resolution phone. And it is just 720p. But apart from that another drawback is the mediaTek chipset which is no where near the Snapdragon. But if you think about all the features, in this amount it is very difficult to get any of them in any other mobile phone set.

Sp this is the complete review of Alcatel 5. A good phone indeed, with a few quirks too no doubt. However all in all it is a great package. So if you are looking for a new phone, i would recommend to check out Alcatel 5 too.

Have you used Alcatel phones? If yes, what is your opinion about them. Let us know by commenting below.

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