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AI to replace CEOs in thirty years, Says Jack Ma

Apr 26, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The founder of one of the leading e-commerce platform, alibaba.com, Jack Ma has predicted that his and the job of many other well-known names in today’s world, in fact all the CEOs of organization big and small might be replaced by AI in the coming years. With the robotics and AI technology making progress with leaps and bounds with every passing day, it is expected that robots that help in the everyday chores are soon to become a household thing. However robots as intelligent as to head over an organization as big as the Alibaba franchise and AI to replace CEOs, is not as far from future as we would think is a statement by Jack Ma that has made us all think twice.

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AI to replace CEOs

However Jack Ma gave this news more in a way of warning than as a happy tiding. According to Jack Ma, AI would make better calculated decisions as compared to humans because they can be fully objective and are not even remotely effected by emotions. Because of this there would be a dire lack of employments available for aging managers and directors which will cause too much competition and discomfort among the people. So this will be a sad situation for the human race.

Jack Ma is not the only one to predict about the dire consequences of AI advancments. Stephen Hawkings also predicted this. Another CEO who is afraid that AI might take over not only his job but also the reigns of human society is Tesla’s Elon Musk. In fact Musk has gone to an extend that he has founded a fund that takes care that the research in the field of AI does not go beyond a point that it wipes out the utility of human race.

We do see such scenarios on Hollywood movies but of big minds like Musk and Jack Ma are saying it them we must keep an eye on the AI updates too.

Do you think such an advancement in AI is possible so that AI to replace CEOs? Let us know by commenting below.

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