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Addictive mobile game apps to get you hooked

Mar 17, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Playing mobile games is the favorite way for many people to pass their leisure time. The world of game development took a drastic turn with the advent of smartphones. Now everyone has access to good CGI based games because of tablets and mobiles. There are millions of different games available on the app stores and everyday new games are added to your App store too. So which are those games that have made a mark and stand out from these thousands of games and become user’s favorite. Most addictive mobile game apps are those that have garnered millions of users in a short time.

Here we present the list of our favorite games that thousands of users are using on daily basis. These are top highly addictive game apps.

Most addictive mobile game apps of iOS, Adndroid and Windows platforms

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is among the top highly addictive mobile game apps. It is an online multiplayer game. Players build their clans by using the resources available to them. They win resources by attacking the clans of other people and defeating them and taking over resources from them. The main resources are gold, elixir and dark elixir. The elixir is also used to train the troops. The game was developed by supercell and released in 2012. It is available for both iOS and Google Play store. It has generated rave reviews from the critics and the popularity among the people is evident because of its millions of users worldwide. It has remained among top in highest revenue generating apps in both iOS store and Google play store.

Subways surfers

It is a relative simple and straight forward game but has a highly addictive element to it. it has our main protagonist running around all the time on subway train tracks trying to avoid the oncoming trains and the policeman following from the behind. The subway surfer will collect coins and other special items on the way like jetpacks, jumping boot, coin magnets etc. It is a very fast paced game running game and requires the user to be fully alert all the times. It was developed by Kiloo in collaboration with SYBO games. The default subway surfer is Jake but there are many other protagonists also available in exchange of coins and some by doing special tasks like Facebook login.

It is available or iOS, Google playstore, Kindle and Windows 10 mobile. Many running games popped up after the subways surfer, in the same fashion but this game was a pioneer in running games.

Candy Crush Saga

You can hate it or you can love it or you can be obsessed with it, no matter how you feel about the Candy crush saga, the truth is that it is one of the highly addictive mobile game apps and has made its founder millionaires. It was developed by King as a simple match three game but with lots of additional twists and challenges. At first King developed the bubble witch saga. It became very popular and paved way for the creation of Candy Crush Saga. When candy crush saga became a hit and King became the highest revenue grossing organization just after Zynga. Its sequel candy crush soda saga was also released, and it became very popular too. There are millions of users of this game from around the world. The game earns revenue from in-app purchases, however there has been a decline in the user base of this game lately.


It is also a very addictive mobile game app. In this game the strategy is simple. You take the aim and shoot for the basket. If the ball goes into the basket you score. It can be played as single or multiplayer. The shots that are available are so aesthetically beautiful, if you are basketball fan you will love it but even if you are not a fan of basketball you will sure to love Gasketball. In some of the puzzles you have to make the ball go through many obstacles before you can hit the basket. The game is available on ipad only but the android and windows version is expected to be released soon.

Piano tiles

Piano tiles is also a very simple but highly addictive mobile game app. It has the black and white piano keys falling on the screen and the strategy is simple and that is to tap the black tiles only. When the black tile is tapped a piano note is emitted and the successive taps will generate the music of famous compositions like Ode to joy. On the other hand if you accidentally tap a white tile, you lose. It sounds very simple in fact a bit boring but once you get hooked to it, it is the most addictive mobile game app. It is available for Android, iOS and windows app stores.

Crossy roads

It is also one of those games that are very easy to understand with a single point strategy but take you hours and hours of time because of being one of highly addictive mobile phone apps. The agenda here is to help a chicken cross the road (that will later be river, bridge etc) in order to cross you must look out for the objects that might hit you. Although the graphics are not very attractive but the game became very popular because of being highly addictive mobile game app. It is available for all the three major platforms of iOS, Google and windows. Do start playing if you have lots of time to kill as beware it is also one of the most highly addictive mobile game apps.

Pacman 256                  

Who does not like Pacman? It is a great game of the nineties that still has a great appeal. It has no fancy graphics but the game-play is extremely addictive. In the latest version, Pacman runs through the mazes, eating small diamonds and looking out for glitch who will eat out protagonist. You also have to remain on the screen while running through the maze and going out will make you lose the game.

So here is our list of highly addictive mobile game apps. Which one is missing in your opinion?


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