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Addictive Apps: List of the best 8

Mar 20, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

App are the new way to spend your free time. Earlier people had hobbies and pass times but now they do not have any free time, thanks to the Apps, that give them a virtual experience of everything at a click away. If you see people glued to their smart phones or tablet screens it is because of these addictive Apps and their ability to make a person highly indulged. Some apps are so addictive that a person cannot stop himself from using them. The important thing is that you can carry the smartphone to anywhere so the app is with you all the time. Whenever you crave for it, just bring out your mobile phone and her it is.

Highly addictive apps can hinder your daily routine. Here we list some of the highly addictive apps that are addictive according to us. Do take note that we are NOT including any game Apps because game apps are covered in a separate  article.

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List of highly interesting and addictive apps

Facebook App

Just like the Facebook website, the Facebook App is also one of the highly addictive apps. Scrolling the timeline can take hours and hours of your day because it is being constantly updated. Especially if your friends list is long, newer posts from one friend or the other will keep you occupied. You will feel compel to be the first one to reply, like or comment on a post. Whenever you take a nice photo, you turn to Facebook to share it with your friends. So Facebook App tops our list of most addictive App available in Appstores. This App is dependent upon the constant stream of user content to hook people to it.

addictive apps

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WhatsApp is an instant messaging App. The main purpose behind the creation of mobile phones was to keep people in contact with each other. Thus the popularity of apps like WhatsApp is understandable. It allows users to make free calls (video and audio) as well send text messages to anywhere in the world. The app being free is a great attraction to the users and it has mostly taken over making traditional voice calls through mobile service providers. It is also a highly addictive app.

addictive apps


Although it might not make sense that why would you like to share every detail of your day with the world, but once you get addicted to SnapChat you just cannot stop. Getting addicted to this app is very easy if your friends are also using it. Once you have four or five people who are sharing their day to day stories (or snaps) with you, you would find yourself doing the same. The SnapChat stories, that is basically the videos or photos that you share with other people, disappear after every twenty four hours. So it is a self-destruct data kind of app. This motivates people to make a new snap everyday.

addictive apps


This is once again a highly addictive app. Full of entertainment, it is a huge repository to Gifs, memes, funny or interesting photos. The database is constantly increasing as people add more and more pics and memes every day. It has a huge cultural impact too, as movies and shows get huge following and popularity depending on the user reviews. However this app is not suitable for younger users as there may be some nudity and violence in some of the pictures.

addictive apps


Apps based on quizzes have always been popular, but Quizup takes the user experience of quizzes to another level. Millions of people from all over the world are using this app all the time. So you can challenge other people anytime. You can challenge your friends or other random members from the huge quizup community. Even if you friend is not online at the time, you can answer the questions and then when your friend come online, his answers can be compared to yours. The quiz questions are also added by people to gain points. There are hundreds of genres available under the categories of movies, tv shows, books, literature, science, grammar, biology, history and the list goes on and on. There are list of toppers based on location. You can be on the top in your city, country, among friends or in the world. The ranking keeps the people motivated to play more and thus the addiction starts.


It is an image sharing addictive app, but it has a lot more to offer than just image sharing. Instagram is a website common not only among masses but a large number of celebrities are also using it to keep their fans updates about the work they are doing. Also on Instagram there are many accounts for photography, nature and art and crafts. There are so many filters available for your pics. Once you get hooked to this site, it will be very difficult to do anything else on your phone.

addictive apps


It is again an entertainment app and is full of funny pictures, videos, meme and Gifs. With thousands of users, iFunny also has a large database of food products. Although because of the name you might think it is not available on android and windows store but that is not the case. It is available for android and windows too, but it varies from version to version. It is although rated as 16 plus because of strong language so do not let your kids install it on their phones, but you can definitely log in to enjoy hours of months.

addictive apps


Health and fitness apps are also very popular these days. Among the famous health and fitness apps, Fitbit has taken the people in completely. Once you are hooked to this app, no other fitness app will appeal to you. Even if you do not have the fitbit tracker the app alone has many features that can be beneficial if you are a fitness fanatic.

These are some of the most popular and most addictive apps on the aap stores. Which is your favorite app? Share with us by commenting below.


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