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Mar 18, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

“This time I will stick to the gym and will not quit it!” or “Last time I was forced to quit because I was so very busy in sitting here and there, but now it’s high time!”

This might look like your new year resolution until something went wrong and you ended up sitting on your lazy ass as the muscles went into hiding and waist expanded.

Everyone has a number of excuses about why they haven’t achieved their bodybuilding goals yet. How many really shredded and ripped people do you see every day while walking around the city? Maybe just one or a couple!

According to many pro bodybuilders, the reasons are almost 90% psychological. Most of the time when you skip a gym session or quit bodybuilding it is because you were inactive lethargic or idle.

Bodybuilding no doubt is one of the most difficult sports from its very beginning. It requires hard work, motivation, some characterized meal plan and sportsmen spirit. Only after all this hard work, one gets a trimmed and shredded body that every girl would love to die for. It is one of those sports which makes you strong physically and mentally.

A study that was conducted in America suggests that about 99% politicians own a membership of at least one fitness club. Those who do not, are usually considered as people with non-serious attitude. I personally believe that:

“If you have any weakness you must have to get rid of it, otherwise people will point it out”

Most of the people forget these things before hitting the gym. The following reasons will keep you motivated and stimulate you to remember why you wanted to do this and will surely inspire you to achieve your goals.


Many of us have those people in our friends circle who never want to see us growing big. If you tell them that you are planning something big, they just give a meaningful “hughh” and started backbiting you.

They just expect you to fail and never expect to see anyone flourishing. They don’t think you can make it. You have to prove them wrong and you will love to see the envious look on their faces when you succeed.

Take a minute right now and create a list of names of those filthy people. It may be one person or it may be many. Just give a look on their names before your next workout, it will surely give you a boost.


Some of us were born weak. Some of us are actually pretty much undersized naturally. Don’t you hate the reality that everybody thinks they can kick your ass? Yes, I know this is silly and doesn’t really matter but it’s a fact. If you are a grown up guy, this is one of the worst nightmare to your manhood.

We all know there are people in our lives who just act like they are more ripped. Some of these people just have good genetics and it is not because they kick their asses hard in the gym. You eat one hamburger and gain anonymous pounds while this person eats crap all day long and still doesn’t gain a fucking fat.

Just imagine that feeling when you are more ripped and more shredded than they are. You will surely love that incredible feeling.


One of the biggest reasons that majority of the people start to workout is to become strong. Arnold Schwarzenegger is my biggest hero. It just feels great when a girl ask you to open the bottle of coke instead of the 5 people sitting next to you.

Won’t it be great to have people staring at you whenever you pass by them. So load the biggest plate on for a heavy set of bench press and you will retain your position in the spotlight.


OK! so this is a fact that you don’t look much different after a couple of workout. Isn’t it silly that suddenly you start spending majority of the time flexing in the mirror??

After all, everyone wants to walk around with a feeling of looking better even if they haven’t changed at all, except that 16” sleeve busting bicep. You will surely recognize that this “self-confidence” is extending itself to other areas of your life and overall converting you in a more confident and successful person.


According to a survey, better-looking people have great chances of getting the best jobs, gaining benefits and being respected in their community. This may not be legally right but in this new modern era it is the fact. Our trust apparently increases towards good looking people. Many people may assume that fat people are lazy, indolent, slow and low tempered, which has also been proven by many studies.

To get the most of your career start thinking today, about how a good personal appearance can benefit you in your current job.


The ideal life for most of the people would be the one in which they are rich, smart, attractive and most importantly “POPULAR”. Obviously, bodybuilding can help you achieve your goals by making you smart, active and will surely make you that ONE person.

Just look at Arnold(7x Mr.Olympia), Coleman(8x Mr.Olympia) and Phil heath(4x Mr.Olympia), aren’t they some of the most popular people on the planet???

That’s why it’s rightly said that:



Once you become a veteran at the gym, you will became friends with the people who work out thereor have same interests as you. In many cases the gym becomes a second home to the bodybuilders.

The feeling of pumping becomes your addiction. There is almost nothing better than that one last gaining rep. The feeling of new fresh muscle afterward is unexplainable. And believe me your daily stress vanishes eventually.


I consider it the biggest reason most people start working out. They want to attract the best looking people of the opposite gender. The first time a girl gives your bicep a stare, you know that every ounce of sweat and pain was worth it.

If you are married person and  think this is not important to you, I can prove you wrong! Don’t you want to make your spouse and children feel proud/lucky that they have you? This mesmerizing feeling will add extra years to your family life. Maybe after taking you as their inspiration they will start working out too.

So how many reasons you have got to skip a workout??? Make a list and just let me know so I will bash it out of your mind.

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