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7 simple tips to beat the heat in summers

May 10, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Summer is already around and the scorching heat is burning the skin like fire. It seems the sun has cross the orbit and came near earth to torture us. Maintaining the glow and hydration of skin is not an easy task in summers but by following these simple steps religiously you can easily handle the heat and still manage to look glowy and shine in summers.

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1. Keep yourself hydrated

Raise your water content, not only by drinking plain water, include detoxify water to see the noticeable change in your skin. At least 16 glass of water with 1 bottle of detoxify water daily. Detoxify water flushes out the impurities from body including toxins. Also it helps in keeping the belly flat and controlling the weight. Make a simple one by pouring chilled water in bottle already having sliced lemon and cucumber. Also few fruits like watermelon keeps you hydrated and helps you lose weight in summer.

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 Keep yourself hydrated - 7 simple tips to beat the heat in summers

2. Delicious healthy smoothies

In addition to plenty of water, include some yummy delicious smoothies in your diet instead of heavy meals or junk. Fruit smoothies boost energy and gives vital nutrients to keep pH and health maintain. They speed up the metabolism.

Just throw the fruits of your choice with low-fat yogurt and ice in blender to enjoy your health drink. Trust me these smoothies have magical effect on skin. Also tr

 Delicious healthy smoothies - 7 simple tips to beat the heat in summers

3. Sunblock, your new pal

A must, must have product in every home. Sunblock should be more than 60 SPF  at least to avoid absorption of dangerously harmful ultra violet  rays on skin. Should be applied over all the exposed parts not only on face. It also helps in controls tanning and premature aging in skin and prevents the harmful effects of solar rays.

4. Cleansing and exfoliate

Summer is always harsh on skin and leaves oil and clogged pores on skin. So make sure to cleanse your skin with any good oil free facial cleanser of your choice according to your skin twice a day and exfoliate twice a week to maintain the glow and removing dead cells and unclog the pores. Also a religious routine will maintain tan and spot free skin throughout the season.

 5. Don’t forget your hair

Hair are the most exposed part of body, so do cover them in scorching heat. Our head skin has got the same pores like our face, they get clogged and dirty the same way  as face ones so wash  them daily to clean the pores and apply conditioner to keep the locks shiny and detangle all day. Apply oil once a week to maintain the healthy shine.

do not forget your hairs - 7 simple tips to beat the heat in summers

6. Take out time for exercise

Don’t get down with the heat and sweating, take out at least one hour to exercise that could be anything like walk, jog or swim to gain back the energy level and stay fit. In summers water intake is high, that raises the metabolic activity so weight loss becomes easy and prominent.

7. Plan a vacation

Summer is all about beaches and traveling so the best time to spend in nature with loved ones is summer. Plan a trip to any cool beach place and enjoy nature. Don’t forget to take your bicycles along.

Have a healthy and shiny summers and I would love to answer to your queries. Comment box is open and awaiting your feedback.

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