7 Android Tricks You Didn’t Know Of

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Android is the most popular operating system in the world and there are good reasons behind it. For instance, Android is a really smart operating system. It is smarter than you think it is. Unfortunately, most of us do not use it to its full potential. Some simple Android tricks can help you get the most out of the beloved OS. These simple Android tricks can help you simplify your work and get more things done on your smartphone. Android is the most commonly used operating system in the world so it is anything but trivial. Apple tries to get its customers to use the latest version of iOS on their iPhones, but, on the other hand, most Android users use an outdated version of Android. However, even if you do not run the latest version of Android, you can still use the following Android tricks to get the most out of your phone.

Android Tricks

Use Less Mobile Data android tricks

Last year, Google launched two useful applications for enhancing the performance of your smartphone: Files Go and Datally. Datally is a sort of a virtual manager which helps you save mobile data when your plan is not unlimited. When you use an app that needs internet access, Datally makes it ask for permission to access the internet. File Go helps you get rid of useless files that you can’t locate easily. This way it frees up your memory. The app identified the files that you haven’t used before and asks whether you want to delete them or make a backup first that will be stored on the Google Drive. 

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Find Your Phone If You Lose It

This is one of the handiest Android tricks. If you lose your smartphone, don’t panic as it can be located if it runs Android. Just go to android.com/find and sign in to your Google account. If your GPS was switched on, Google will locate your smartphone on the map. 

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Translatorandroid tricks

The Gboard is incredibly useful. It doesn’t just have integrated Emoji and GIFs, it has a lot more to offer. It also contains an interpreter that can be really helpful. The Gboard can be downloaded from the Play Store if your phone didn’t come pre-installed with it. Tap the Google symbol on the keyboard to activate the translator. It will send you to the Google Translate directly. 

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Prevent Unauthorized File Access

It is no secret that a lot of applications found on the Play Store are notorious for spying on the users. These apps can access data and files on your phone, even if you didn’t give them the authorization to do so. Android can help can prevent unauthorized access to important files and data. For instance, if you do not want a certain app to see your contacts, just go to Usage Manager, choose that app, and go to Authorization. Unselect all the things that you do not want the app to access. However, some apps are really sneaky and not this transparent. It is recommended you disable push notifications too. 

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Write With One Hand On Your Phoneandroid tricks

Smartphone displays are getting bigger and that causes one problem: you can’t write on your phone with one hand. Thankfully, Android has a solution for that. When you can only use one of your hands to right, the Gboard can be very handy. Just long press the Enter key and then select the symbol that opens a Menu or lower your keyboard. This will make it easier for you to write with one hand.

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Record Screen Activityandroid tricks

If you want to record any activity displayed on the screen, the YouTube Gaming app could be helpful. With this app, you can also live stream your phone and record your game.

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Set Up Your Android Phone Like A Pro

If you want to cheat on the basic functions of the phone, you should try the developer mode. This is one of the most useful Android tricks. It is just like using a cheat code in a game, but a little different. To switch to the developer mode, select About Phone and click on the Build Number option 7 times. This will give you access to new settings. For instance, you will be able to configure the interfaces of apps and other functions on your smartphone. Apart from that, you will also be able to configure the background of the open windows. 

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These seemingly simple Android tricks can prove to be very useful. If you have the most popular operating system on your phone, you might as well use it to its full potential and make the most of it.
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