6 cool features coming in Android P that are making us drool

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Android P is the buzzword now as Google surprised us all with the early release of their Android P for developers mobile OS. So now we all know that there are going to be some major updates in the new OS and some really cool new features are going to be added. While you can find the details of the OS here, we are listing 6 cool features coming in Android P that are the highlight of the new version.

6 cool features coming in Android P

Location of equipment finder to amazing accuracy

The OS has now the IEEE 802.11 protocol (Round-Trip-Time) protocol. There are many characteristics associated with it. But what excites us most is that it can enable the phone to connect to three WIFI devices. This means that the position of the device can be triangulated and thus the device can be located with mush better accuracy then it was ever possible before.

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Better privacy settings

Now the privacy settings are better. For example, when the app is not working, the sensor manager will restrict the access to other utilities like microphone,  the microphone will not receive the voice signal, the sensor will no longer report the sensing result, and the camera will not operate or even be disconnected during use. This will be good for over all data security of the phone.

Support HDR

Android P will support HDR VP9 Profile 2. If the device supports HDR, users will be able to enjoy the streaming from their favorite online web content streaming service and watch HDR content on their mobile phone devices easily.

Built in machine learning

There are built-In machine learning fascility in the phone so the data need not to be sent to the cloud. Within the phone the machine learning can be applied to it. So the network is not involved in the process.

Information Optimization

The portrait of the sender along with all the available info will be sent. It means that the reply function will be upgraded to add new features.

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Foundation to adopt the iPhone notch model

The notch in iPhone X is all the rage these days. So the OS will have the foundation to support this model.

These are the 6 cool features coming in Android P that are bound to make it an interesting and efficient phone OS. Are you excited about Android P and will be willing to upgrade your previous Android. Let us know by commenting below.

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