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5 ways to spice up your married life

Mar 23, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Getting married is the best part of life for almost every person. The excitement of making the wedding preparations, planning out every little detail and arranging the best ever wedding. All this is followed by the post wedding excitement as you go through the wedding pictures, attend the post wedding parties and spend the romantic honeymoon period together. But many couples complain of losing this charm in a few months and no longer find this relationship as thrilling as they used to. The most common reason identified for this boredom by the psychologists is that couples start taking each other for granted and think of their married life as just an everyday routine. People fail to realise that once they stop trying, the marriage is sure to go down the cliff. So here are ten of the most simplest tips to help you spice up your married life:

1. Value the smallest gestures

Value the smallest gestureswin you partner’s heart. Try to think of things you could do for your partner which are likely to make them smile, like making their favourite meals, dressing up the way they like or inviting their friends over. At the same time, it is important for you to keep an open mind and appreciate the things your partner does for you. So starting today, try to learn as much as you can about the likes and dislikes of your partner and make sincere efforts towards giving them the happiness they deserve from a partner as great as you!

2. Respect your partner

Respect is like the foundation 5 ways to spice up your married life - Show Respectof every successful relationship. Try to never talk down to your partner, especially in front of others, no matter how much you disagree with their opinion. In a marriage, it is extremely important to think before you say something instead of just saying whatever comes to your mind. Any disagreements between the two of you must be discussed privately and politely. Instead of looking at the flaws of your partner or criticising them, try be grateful for the good things about them and your life. Nothing would mean more for your partner than the knowledge that you respect them and will support them no matter what. If there is any habit of yours which your partner dislikes, then make an effort and try to change yourself for the one you love.

3. Don’t be afraid to seek help

5 ways to spice up your married life-A-Happy-MarriageDisagreements and problems are an unavoidable part of married life. Luckily, today there are a number of sources from which you can seek help or guidance. A trusted friend, books or the internet can provide guidance and support on any matter so never give up and continue to seek help till you are able to solve an issue.

4. Always keep a positive attitude for your partner

Never undervalue optimism in a relationship as this shows how much your relationship means to you. Have an open mind and heart for your partner and try to understand them. Support them in their life choices and when necessary, reason with them with love. Arrange activities the two of you can do together. Learn about your partner’s hobbies and try to take interest in them. There is so much that the two of you can do together, play games, read books, try gardening, go on dates, try new recipes and what not.

5. Prioritize your life

5 ways to spice up your married life-spend-timeNo matter how busy your life gets, it is important for you to take out time for the things and people you value. So no matter how many months or years have passed, there always must be some room for the two of you to spend some alone time. Time never stays the same and with the passage of time, your married life will face new challenges, problems and tasks. Instead of crying over the romance of the past, learn to accept your life as it is and enjoy it along with its imperfections.

So keep up with these simple yet incredible tips and most importantly, never ever stop trying to spice up your married life.

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