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5 amazing ways blog commenting can benefit you

Apr 25, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

You might have heard that blog commenting has lots of benefits. It does have benefits but not every comment will be useful for you. There is a difference between a useful comment that will give you something in return and a comment that would go unnoticed or even unapproved if the site has comment approval on. before we move on to 5 amazing ways blog commenting can help you, let us first define what type of comments we are talking about that can be useful or beneficial for your website.

blog commenting

5 amazing Benefits of Blog Commenting

  1. Becoming known in the blogosphere

Creating a unique and remember able identity for yourself in the blogging world is very important. If the people know you they are more likely to click on your posts and links. The cyber world is dangerous and there is no shortage of spammy or dangerous links that can invoke a virus or worm. So of course everyone is wry of what they might click. That is the reason, making yourself known is very important. When people trust you they will look forward to reading your posts too. And leaving a good comment that adds value to a post, will put you in the blogger’s good books. Just like you remember the compliments and feedback that you get from people in person on your projects in the same way people remember the feedback that they get on their e work too.

It is always great to create a good repute among the bloggers because you might get your request to guest post approved or be a part of their featured blog section if they have any. So comment away and reap the benefits.

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  1. Get more visitors to your blog

Blog commenting is a great way to earn good traffic for your blog. If your comment is good enough people will automatically click on your link and visit your blog. So commenting on the blog is a great way to divert a little traffic to your blog. However to be honest it is not as easy as it sounds. Authority blogs has hundreds of comments on a single post so how will anyone notice your comment among the crowd. For this the most important thing is to not to write a generic comment in your niche like this

“Hello fellow blogger, thank you so much for the great post. I loved it and it gave me so much information. Please do keep on posting like this. BTW here is a link to my blog too in the same niche, kindly check it out also. Thanks.”

So this is a very typical comment and people come across hundreds of such comments everyday. There are many chances that people will ignore this type of comment. Here is an example of a good comment on a post like this one that might put you in the good books of the blogger as well as readers and earn you some clicks.

“Hey Jon Doe (Always address the blogger by name to get the personal feeling) What a great post about blog commenting. I love blogging and this post helped me to learn a couple of new things including the importance of having a gravatar and commenting to earn backlinks. By the way here on my blog you can find list of sites that have auto approved comments. Will look forward to your feedback, cheers mate.”

Although there is a little difference in the length of both blogs but there is huge difference in the amount of value the second comment adds as compared to the first comment. To know more about how to write useful comments read the section below on 5 great tips to write beneficial comments.

  1. Earn Good and Easy Backlinks

Getting backlinks is a difficult task these days. Also there is the question of how many backlinks too. Well in earlier blogging days 10 to 15 good backlinks to your blog were good enough but now there is absolutely no limit. You can have a hundred backlinks and still more would be welcome because the blogosphere has become so vast. So writing a comment will also give you an opportunity to have a backlink to your blog.

Here the quality of your comment matters a lot. If the comment is of a couple of words and you give a long backlink the blogger might be offended and rightly so. So remember the blog is the property of the blogger and giving you an opportunity to comment is a privilege that you must utilize with care. If you are commenting on a site where comments are auto approved even then you must write good comment and then add your link.

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  1. Increase your knowledge

Although people do not give value to this point but I think this is the most important aspect of being a blogger and a good blog comment poster. When you post an informed comment it means you have read the blog completely. It is very important for any blogger to read more and more and even more. Reading will increase your knowledge so you can write better and more informative posts. If you have more knowledge you can help provide solutions to most of the problems and people will value your posts more. Secondly more reading will improve your writing style too. It will improve your vocabulary and enrich your writing skills. Also it will give you new ideas to write posts. So read, comment and repeat should be your motto.

blog commenting

  1. Earn you friends, colleagues and even a sponsored post request

For the promotion of your blog it is very important you have as many friends in the blogosphere as possible and making useful and beneficial commenting on the blogs is one great way to do this. As I mentioned before people do not forget the comments they get on their work easily. If you are a regularly making useful comments on a blog then you will surely gain friendship with the bloggers ultimately.

You might also get an offer for a sponsored post if your blog caught the eye of a good sponsor organization. However when you are commenting your goal must not be get a request from the sponsor. Just comment for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of the blog on which you are commenting on.

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Here are some great tips and tricks for great blog commenting

7 Great tips for excellent Blog Commenting

Comments are your opinion that other bloggers would like to know about the topic they have written on. Bloggers value your opinion so do make your opinion valuable. If you are not looking for anything in return then a comment like good job, great post etc are ok but if you want some benefit out of the blog comment then you have to work harder than this.

Here are 7 tips to write a good blog comment

  • Read the complete post first before blog commenting

Do not write a generic comment and post in a number of blogs. While it will save you a lot of time but trust me it will not get you any of the return benefits that I have mentioned above. Read the post completely and then comment on it in a relevant way. Search a little and add something of value in the comment that is related to the topic but not mentioned in the post. If you have a personal experience related to the post then do share that. Comments based on personal experience are the best and most valued because they add some real value. It is quite easy for the writer to know whether the blogger making the comment has read the post or not, so do not try to trick the blogger into believing that you have read the post when you have not.

  • Be polite and courteous and never abuse during blog commenting

Many times people make comments without being polite or using words like thank you, please etc. if you are adding your backlink and getting benefit, why would you forget to say thank you. Or if you are asking for a favor why forget the magic word please. Writing comments in a polite way is great to get you some good repute among the bloggers. However never ever abuse the bloggers. If there is something you do not agree to then disagree politely in nice words. Using abusive language and swear words will only make you look bad and will be bad for your repute and the blogger will not be effected by it.

  • Be clear and concise

There is no use of the comment if people do not understand it. The comment must be written in a simple and straightforward language. It must convey what you are trying to say without beating about the bush. Remember it is a comment and not an article. Just be clear as well as be concise. If you write a 500 word comment I am sure no one would be interested in reading it completely and very few people will understand the gist of what you want to say. Just hint about your point in the comment and give a link to your post with it giving the full view to your thoughts.

  • Use proper grammar and proof read before blog commenting

If there are spelling and grammar mistakes in your comments people would be like if he is making so many mistakes in a comment how horribly written her complete post will be so remember comment is the mirror to your writing ability. Write with good grammar and proper punctuation. Always proof read your comment. It would hardly take a few seconds but it will save you from the embarrassment of writing something silly or making a mistake that will seem unprofessional or non-serious blogger.

blog commenting

  • Do not be anonymous, use a Gravatar for blog commenting

Anonymous posts and comments have little value. Use your real name and have a good professional looking DP to go with your comment. Use your own picture instead of a cartoon character or the company logo. People like to know that if something is written how has written it and who is the person behind it. Gravatar is a useful service for bloggers. It will maintain your single identity for all your blog posts and comments. Give a brief profile of yourself on the Gravatar along with your dp. In your author bio include your email address. It will not only make you more reachable and friendly but also if someone has some issue they can easily ask you through email.

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  • Comment in the relevant blogs

If you are looking for traffic for your blogs through comments then it is very important that you write comments in relevant blogs. There is no use if you comment in a blog that has no relevance to your topic because the traffic will come from the blog that is relevant to your own topic. It is very easy to find blogs that are similar to your niche. There is Google that will help you find the relevant blogs and there are other software too that can find out the blogs in your niche. Do find the relevant blogs and find popular posts in the blogs that are not only relevant to your niche but also have an all year around appeal. For example articles related to news etc lose their readership once the news is old.

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  • Respond to your comments

When a reader is taking out enough time to comment on your blog then it is your responsibility too to read it and reply to it. Check out all the famous blogs, there is no unread or not responded to blog comment to be found there. Even if the comment is just a praise it must have a polite thank you in response from your side. Also if the reader has asked for help or want a suggestion in the comment it is your responsibility to help them to the best of your abilities. Once you help someone you get a permanent visitor to your page.

Dofollow and unfollow blogs

It is important here to remember that all blogs are not comment friendly. They are two types of blog following links available. Dofollow blogs and unfollow blogs. If the site has unfollow blog links that means that even if you leave a link in their comment sections the search engine will not consider that link and the authority will not be passes to your page for that link. So it is best to leave comments on sites that have dofollow links so that your link is considered by the search engines. Why is there dofollow and unfollow link structure. Well the reason is simple. It is to protect from spammers. When a high authority site links to your site, authority is passed on to your site too. Spammer would deluge the high authority websites with their backlinks to get the most amount of authority. In order to protect the site from this type of spamming high authority webpages will use the nofollow attribute for the anchor tag.

Here is a great detailed and comprehensive blog post by Jyoti Chouhan that list a lot of websites and blogs that allow you to make dofollow and commentluv posts.

So now you know everything there is to know about blogging. Also in your blog keep the comments open if you are commenting on other blogs. It will give you feedback about what readers are thinking about and would make you understand what are the flaws and missing points in your blogs. Many times you may get an idea for a new post from your blog comments. You can also ask readers for suggestions of new posts from your blog comments. It is highly recommended to end your blog post with a light usher to the readers to write leave a comment about their opinion. Ending the article with this practice is recommended because after reading the article there might be something that the reader want to say or discuss or some point that the reader did not understand. So when he is reminded that he can express his views he will more readily leave a comment.

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Have you done blog commenting for the promotion of your blog or for interactivity with like minded people? Have the blog commenting been useful and beneficial for you in any way? Do share with us any benefits that you might have reaped from blog commenting. Share your views by commenting below.

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