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4 Features Of Galaxy Note 8 That Might Make iPhone 8 Seem Less Attractive

Aug 26, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

When it comes to smartphones, two names are very prominent: Apple and Samsung. Samsung recently unveiled its Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy Note 8 has a lot of enticing features which make us wonder if it will make even the most loyal Apple fans think twice.

Galaxy Note 8 Best Features

Full Screengalaxy note 8

The Note 8 has a full-screen design, ultra-narrow frame, and an immersive feel. Galaxy Note8 has a 6.3-inch large screen, an increment of 14% over the visual area of Note5 increased by 14%. According to rumors, Apple iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch OLED screen, ultra-narrow frame profiled full-screen design, and no physical home button.

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Wireless Chargingnote 8

Samsung Galaxy Note8 supports Qi or PMA standard wireless charging, users do not have to worry about cable or plug, while Note 8 also supports USB Type-C interface using fast charging. According to rumors, the iPhone 8 will also be equipped with a wireless charging function. The iPhone 8 will have a wireless charging chip by Broadcom OEM, and a transmitter wireless charging chip provided by NXP. The iPhone 8 Wireless charging will be compatible with the Wireless Charging Alliance (WPC) -based Qi standard. Supply chain manufacturers also revealed that this wireless charger will be sold separately, priced at around $ 200, iPhone 7s / 7s Plus is expected to support wireless charging too.

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Iris Recognition

Galaxy Note8 support iris recognition. Through the iris recognition, users can unlock the phone. Just activate the screen, and then the screen will activate the identification interface. The user will just have to look at the front to unlock the phone. The unlock speed is very fast, no less than fingerprint recognition. Iris recognition is a good addition to fingerprint recognition, you can enhance the security level of the phone, in addition, to unlock the function, the Samsung users can use it to unlock the key folder. According to the current rumors, iPhone 8 will use facial recognition verification technology, equipped with 3D sensors to identify user’s face in a millionth of a second. The Taiwan media DigiTimes said that the iPhone 8 also supports iris recognition, the users can unlock the device or use Apple pay using it. Although this rumor is yet to be confirmed, we still hope that the iPhone 8 can also introduce the new technology, after all, this will add another layer of protection.

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DeX Base

DeX is the highlight of the Galaxy Note 8. Using this, the phone will be converted to desktop computer operation, and support the mouse control. The response is very fast. In essence, DeX can shift the experience of mobile phones from portable to desktop.


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