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Not getting comments on your blog? Here is what you need to do

Oct 5, 2022 | Blogging, SEO | 0 comments

If your friends are not sharing your articles or commenting there, then its high time to rethink about your writing skills. Remember over confident kills success. I am not targeting any one just referring all.
If an article gets likes on social media comments there soon after its published, social media keeps it on top on ur friends news feed. These comments and likes and share is also noticed by search engine and that forces search engine to rank an article higher. When an article is ranked higher more people reads your article and share, when other writers see a good content, they write article on the very same topic, most of them give the original article a backlink, when number of writers/site gives you backlink on an article. Google consider this as a sign of authenticity. Keep in mind Google’s aim is to provide authentic information. So number of backlinks and social share and likes give ur article authenticity and tell search engine its a good content, so search engine will rank that article higher. When search engine ranks your article higher you get more organic traffic, more views, and more shares in social media and all. Also Your backlinks will continue to increase as you get more views. So if you can see its a cycle, a good article tends to rank its self.
Live example is few articles on our site related to mobiles. We even got backlinks from gsmarena, phonearena, techcrunch, wccftech and many many other high ranking sites. This result in increasing our overall ranking of that particular area.

Good content is key, if your friends are not sharing and reading your articles, how do you intend the world to read your articles? It’s high time you shall reconsider on your writing skills and work hard to improve. Read on google how to write good content, how to write viral content. Because if your articles are not going viral its a loss to both, you for your time and to site for all the resources and money we are investing.
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