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32 Bit Apps Support ended in iOS 11

Jun 8, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Yes it is official now and confirmed by the beta iOS 11 also. There is no more 32 bit Apps support in iOS 11. It is a big leap and actually it is Apple’s way of telling its loyal consumers to move forward, embrace the change and step in to the new technology.read more Public betas coming your way, MacOS High Sierra, iOS 11 and TvOS 11

No 32 Bit Apps Support in iOS 11

This move has not been sudden and we cannot complain in that regard. Apple had been planning to discontinue the support of 32 bit apps for quite some time now. In fact it had been frequently popping up whenever you open one of the 32 bit apps, you need to update it otherwise it will not work in future versions of iOS 11.

The 32 bit apps will not be able to download in iOS 11 through the Apple App store. You just cannot download them on the system which is a logical move because once a person goes through the process of downloading and then say that the App cannot work on your device causes a lot of frustration and anger. So here Apple nips the problem in the bud.

Most, in fact all the popular apps have moved on from the 32 bit versions. If you have not upgraded some of the apps then it is high time that you do it before the world wide rolling out of iOS 11.

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Here is how you can find if there are any 32 bit apps. First go to the Settings app, tap on General, then About and finally tap on Applications. The app compatibility section will appear. iOS 11 is only compatible with devices which incorporated the A7 chip and higher.

What are your views about this latest move from Apple? Do you think it was required or you think 32 bit Apps support need to be done? Let us know by commenting

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