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Samsung voice assistant Bixby to get a complete makeover in S9 and S9+

Feb 6, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Although the last year launch of Bixby did not stir any big waves in the world of tech and mobiles however it did manage to deliver many of the promised things thanks to the upgrades and patches. However in the upcoming flagship phones S9 and S9+, it is expected that Samsung voice assistant Bixby is going to be one of the defining features after the 3D camera.

Samsung voice assistant Bixby in S9 and S9 plus

Bixby will be able to do a lot of new tricks and try to make the exploration of new features of the phone easier and straight forward. However the full detail of what else Samsung voice assistant Bixby will be able to de is not known yet.

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 Recently uncovered code in the unreleased Android Oreo builds for the Galaxy Note 8, more specifically in the SetupWizard APK, suggests that Bixby may guide new users through the initial setup of their device. This would be welcome change because the setup of Samsung is difficult to install as compared to setup of Pixel and other mobile phones. If it becomes as a single voice command to Bixby, this would make the life of consumers greatly easy.

So until the inveiling of S9 and S9 plus we can just enjoy having to speculate what is in store for us. The promised 3D camera is definitely something to root for. And now the news about what Bixby might be able to conquer is definitely something to look forward to.

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Now let us wait and see. As the new leaks surface, we will surly keep you informed and updated.

What do you think we can expect from S9 and S9 plus. Let us know about your views by commenting below.



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