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Facebook Fake news war is fake

Jan 22, 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

For quite some time now, we have been hearing that Facebook fake news war would result in better filtered news and people would have unbiased and authentic news in their news feeds. However when there has been no remarkable results, even after passing of many months, people have been wondering whether there are any real measures taken by Facebook authorities to curb the spread of fake news and made the news filtering process better oriented to stop news that promote hatred, terrorism and racism, to not become viral on the social media platform.

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Facebook fake news fight

As one might wonder, what is stopping the tech giant from having the results of their choice in the matter. It seems that it is a much more difficult task than what it seems to be. Right now what we see in our news feeds depends on what type of pages we visit, which news pieces we click on, are are our friends preferences and what are we liking and commenting on.

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There is also a big chunk of items in the news feed that are from sponsored companies. There are sponsored posts also as well as pages that pop up from organizations that have paid for advertisement. This all started during the last US elections when people accused that due to fake Facebook news, the voters decision about which party to support may be influenced.

Do you think the Facebook fake news war has really made any difference? Have you ever experienced any fake news on Facebook that is misguiding and manipulating?

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