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15 Minutes Of Fame Of iPhone 8

Nov 2, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Before iPhone 8 came out, people were anxiously waiting for it. It was one of the most awaited phones of the year. And then it was released and had its 15 minutes of fame. Now, iPhone 8 is the second choice for most people. It was assumed that iPhone 8 will be announced on September 12th. Then Apple revealed iPhone X. iPhone 8 has already been launched and the first iPhone X will be delivered on November 3. In fact, according to reports, people are returning their iPhone 8 to buy iPhone X.

iPhone 8 Reviewshares of apple

The iPhone 8 is like a hotbed phone for 2017. It is similar to iPhone 6 with a glass back, little better hardware and the color shades are different from other models. The glass is the key to the wireless charging of iPhone 8. iPhone 8 is not the best iPhone yet, but it is still a good iPhone. It has been shadowed by the iPhone X.

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Any new phone is usually better than the previous one. So, let’s hope iPhone 8 is better than its predecessors. Read the complete review of iPhone 8 to find out. An iPhone 8 begins at 934 USD and goes up to 1262 USD for the iPhone 8 Plus with storage space. of 256GB. The price is higher if you buy it through the offers of telecom operators. The price of iPhone 8 is not surprising. You can also still get iPhone 7 and iPhone SE from the market.

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It has a 4.7-inch screen, 2GB of RAM, 64GB or 256GB of storage. The battery is 1.821mAh battery. The cameras are 12-megapixel f / 1.8 and 7MP f / 2.2 self-f / 2.2 . The processor is six-core Bionic A11. There is also a stereo speaker and a wireless charging mode. iPhone 8 Plus comes with a 5.5 inch Retina HD screen (the only full HD in Apple’s offer), a 2.691 mAh battery, 3GB of RAM and 64 or 256GB of storage space, the same processor as iPhone 8 and two 12 megapixel cameras on the back (one is with f / 1.8 wide and one is with f / 2.8 for telephoto and portraits) and the face is a 7MP f / 2.2 selfie. The wide camera has been optically stabilized. You can charge the phone wirelessly and it has stereo speakers too.

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iphone 8 review

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are both water resistant. The Home button is still there on the phones. Touch ID is also still there, something which iPhone X will not have. iOS 11 is the operating system. The detailed review is going to be about iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 8 Plus is a good choice if you want better autonomy and bigger screen. iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 can last until eight to ten hours, but iPhone 8 Plus will last you more than a day. This is great as you do not have to constantly worry about charging the phone.

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The applications in the landscape and the settings menu has been reorganized to make use of the extra space provided by the bigger screen. The screen is really good. The stereo speaker is also great. Now, let’s talk about the camera. iPhone 8 Plus doesn’t have the best camera in the market. Huawei P10 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, and HTC U11 all have better cameras. This is because their cameras have better color quality, details, stabilization, videos, and ease of use. Using the portrait mode is just like defocusing the backdrop which looks like an artifact. These are some of the advantages. You can choose the small or large one, the size is visible in the battery and display.

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When you post pictures on Facebook or Instagram, the quality might not be very visible. But, if you look at a picture on your computer or phone screen, you can see the quality. The picture quality of iPhone 8 is great. In fact, it has better photo quality than Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The stabilization of video and playback details on iPhone 8 is great.

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The choice of Portrait Lighting modes is also great on iPhone 8 Plus. Both monochrome and color stages are pretty useless. The details are not played well. The limits of the hair, head, and body are not recognized. The studio and contour are excellent though. It is just a software, but it is is still great.

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You can also shoot multiple frames per second. There are two new formats for saving your pictures and videos. The filters have been rewritten and repositioned a bit, but this is more because of iOS 11 than the iPhone 8. If you prefer, three or four are really worth it (For instance, Dramatic Cool ). 

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Both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have Retina screens. The IPS LCD technology is there. S, it is much different than the previous models as it can play more colors. You will not notice it a lot though. This is something that is there but cannot be visibly felt for you to call it impressive. TrueTone is impressive though.

iphone 8 review

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After introducing Night Shift for previous generations, Apple has gone a step further this time and silenced people who come up with studies about the negative effects of blue light of the phones.So, TrueTone analyzes the environment you are in and matches the color temperature of the screen. It goes too far to the yellow sometimes and takes a bit overhead in the process of creating photos. It gets better towards the end of the day.

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However, there are some deficiencies in the LCD panel. The black tones are not black. The colors are not as delightful as an AMOLED. The brightness is also not great. That is why iPhone 8 had only 15 minutes of fame. iPhone X will have AMOLED.

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The design of iPhone 8 Plus is not much different from that of iPhone 6. Apple really could have been more innovative and creative here. The augmented reality part sounded exceptional and had a lot of potentials, but for now, it seems all words. All you can do is furnish your home with the IKEA app and a few other childish things. It seems as if Apple still needs time to make improvements here. For now, augmented reality is not compelling enough.

iphone 8 review

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The telephoto camera is limited. It has f / 2.8, that makes any portrait made at night seem like it was taken from iPhone 4. There is no optical stabilization on it, and the lighting modes are only useful in the morning or in bright environments. The f / 2.2 lenses were expected before launch, but seems as if Apple needs time to innovate!

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There are only a few differences between iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. One difference is the 0.7 inches of the screen. A lot more was expected from iOS 11, like maybe a split view as seen on Samsung and Windows, and better multitasking. The stereo sound option is good but perhaps it should have been left in 2015. It sounds as bad as the previous iPhones.  Since we don’t talk on the phone a lot now, it might not matter. But, you need a good speaker when talking on WhatsApp, Skype, or Facebook Messenger.

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Whether you like the design or not depends on your design preferences. But, the design of this iPhone is pretty boring. A lot of iPhone users are not concerned too much about the design, they care about the performance of their phone more. Performance wise both iPhone and iPhone 8 are good.

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iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are pretty good ones actually. It is a shame that iPhone 8 was overshadowed by iPhone X. However, iPhone X is not for everyone. It is expensive, and also has some big changes. For instance, it does not have the Home button. User authentication is done by scanning their face. The screen of iPhone X is AMOLED. iPhone 8 is one of the best iPhones since 2016. The camera is also pretty good.

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