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10 Helpful Resources To Create An eBook

Aug 18, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The eBook trend have been around for quite some time now. If you have an online presence, you might need to create a couple of eBooks sooner or later. There are many reasons for which you might need to create an eBook. Here are some benefits if you want to create an eBook.

  1. Content Marketing

eBooks form an integral part of content marketing. When you want to market a product, create an eBook about it and distribute it free of cost among the prospective customers. You can create a colorful comic eBook if you want to propagate a product among kids or young adults. If you have a product related to cooking you can create an eBook of recipes and so on. So to advertise your product you can use the eBooks.

  1. To create an email list

A number of blogs are doing this. As we all know that an email list is a priceless commodity. So in order to get a sizable list of email subscribers, we can give a free eBook as a return gift to the people who subscribe to your blog and give an email.

  1. To motivate people to become member or like a page

There may be any motivation that you want to give to the users like liking a Facebook page or subscribe to the news feed. By giving out a free eBook, you can fulfill your purpose.

  1. Create an eBook for Social Media Marketing

In order to promote your content on the social media, one of the strategies is to create an amazing eBook and publish it freely across Facebook, Twitter etc. if your eBook content is great, people would definitely want to check out the blog or website that you are representing.

  1. Create and eBook to satisfy your passion for writing

Another motivation for writers to write eBooks is to satisfy their passion for writing. Maybe the publishing houses have rejected you or you are not into waiting for your draft to come into the book form which may take a year or more. You can always turn to writing an eBook.

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  1. Making money

You are writing a handy little eBook that you think people will buy and thus you would get some money from it.

These are some of the utilities of an eBook. Whatever is your motivation behind creating an eBook there are certain utilities that you would need for this purpose.

Here are top 10 software and tools that you can use to create high quality eBooks. They would cover all the domains related to eBook like content creation and management, cover design, book design etc.

eBook Content creation and management resources

First step is to find a topic to write an eBook on. You may write on any topic. Even if you are not a pro in that niche, still you can write on it after doing a good amount of research. However of you think you cannot garner enough information on the topic as to write book on it, then you can use freelance writers.

10 – Elance, Upwork and Fiverr

These three are very good platforms that can provide your with high quality writers for eBooks as well as editors and proof readers. So if writing is not your best trait and still you want to come up with some eBooks then you can visit these sites to get hold of some good and professional people. do a bit of research before hiring anyone. These sites do have some high quality professional profiles but then there are some scammers too.

9 – MindMiester and Freemind

So if you are into writing your book or not, you are going to develop a list of contents that needs to be addressed in the Ebook. For that these two free of cost tools are really very handy. They can help you in developing ideas. These are excellent for brainstorming sessions. Whether you are alone or brainstorming in a group of people, this will help you to develop an outline from random ideas. These are also known as mind mapping apps.

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8 – Evernote

This is a really handy tool especially for people who are writing a lot of eBooks. It allows you to keep all your notes and drafts in order. Although this is not completely free but you can start the try out and then if you like it a lot, you can sign up for the premium version. Other wise there is a lot you can do in the free version also.

7 – Grammarly

It is a great tool, by Google. If you are not sure about your punctuation and grammar, install grammarly on your system. It will check your narrative for the mistakes of grammar and punctuation and will give you the right text after correction. It is somewhat like MS words spelling and grammar check. However it is well known that Grammarly is much more efficient and effective than the MS Word. Also Grammarly is installed on your browser and will work with all the tools you are using on your browser so if you want to work on any online editor like Evernote, Grammarly is of great help.

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6 – My eCoverMaker

A very important step while creating an eBook is to design and create the eBook cover. Although it is an eBook but with the Apps and tools available users will have quite a similar experience with it as a normal book so there is a need to create front and back covers. My eCoverMaker is apt in helping you design 3D book covers. It is much simpler and handier than Photoshop and other complicated software because it is specifically designed to create eBooks

5 – Canva

Most of the eBook creators are using Canva. It is a complete tool because you can design your entire book as well as the cover through canva. It is free of cost, cloud based platform. Apart from the book, you can use canva to design social media marketing promotion design for your book. It can give you professional looking Facebook covers as well as banners and posters.

4 – Unsplash

When you are creating eBooks an important thing is that you use all the content including images, templates and other design related feature with caution so you are breaking any privacy codes and copyrights infringements. Unplash will send you 10 pictures every month that are free to use you can use them anywhere without having to worry but copyrights.

3 – kitPDF

This is also a really useful resource. Once you have finished writing your eBook it will help you to convert it into reader friendly type like pdf or .mobi or ePUB. To can inter convert books into a new format. To make your eBook work better make sure you have two or three versions of it.

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2 – Selz

Selz is a great platform for selling your eBooks. There are all kinds of services available. It can help you in the eBook creation process also. This is a vast platform that allows you to make e-commerce stores and online business pages. Selz is not free but you can have a 2 weeks free trial. It is a great place to sell e-books.

1 – Pomodoro Technique

This is a great creativity site. It helps you in doing more work in smaller amount of time. You can allot small chunks of time like 25 minutes of work in a day. When you know that you have just 25 minutes, you will give your best and do maximum amount of work in the given time. If you follow the routine in this site without any cheats, it will help you a lot in completing your work on time.

There are many benefits of creating an eBook. If you want to create an eBook you can use one of these resources to fascilitate this process. These resources can help you create an eBook easily.


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