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Shares Of Apple Actually Went Up In October

Nov 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

Although there have been all kinds of reports about the poor sales of the iPhone 8 and its impact on the shares of Apple, the truth seems a bit different. The shares of Apple actually went up in the month of October!

Shares Of Apple

According to data, on Tuesday shares of Apple closed at $ 169.04 per share, up by 1.4%! The market value reached $873 billion. It is expected that Apple’s market value will exceed one trillion US dollars next year. 

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In October alone, Apple’s share price gains were close to 10% and the market value rose by $ 77 billion, while the figure was the sum of the market capitalization of eBay and Twitter. Apple’s stock price rose in October, mainly because of the sale of their new phones, and iPhone X’s expectations. The first iPhone X will be shipped on November 3, when Apple’s stock price is expected to rise further. Apple has indeed made an enviable progress. The companies behind Apple are also technology giants. Google rose to 710 billion US dollars market value ranked second, and Microsoft ranked third 642 billion US dollars.


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