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A Place To Become A Good Citizen, School Or Home?

Jan 15, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


A good citizen is inevitable for a healthy, progressive and peaceful society. A society is basically a group of people joined together by some common actions and goals. However, nothing can be achieved without prior training and teaching, same can be said for making a good citizen. It is true that home is the foundation of almost every great endeavor that man has achieved till today. Having said that, we must not forget that after presenting the idea or making a foundation we must provide a particular course of action and that is where a learning place or institution comes to the task.

A good society is nothing but good people working together

A good citizen always helps and care about his society

Learning Core Values At Home

It is extremely important that one must learn the basics of ethics and morality at home otherwise a school may not look or prove to be sufficient. Generally, a child spends 5 to 6 years at home before starting his or her primary education. These years are the focal point in making an adolescent a valuable member of the society. A child’s mind is fresh and open to new ideas and theories and hence, whatever initial values are fed into the brain, remain intact for rest of the life. Therefore, parents have the ultimate and utmost responsibility of giving their children awareness about the culture and morals of the society before they are ready to start their school, so that they can contribute towards making their ward a good citizen of this society.

School As A Learning Place
School is a place where you get to know the outside world around you for the first time. It is quite an experience for children to observe and analyze students from different background and classes studying together. A School finally moulds children into good citizens of the society by imparting with knowledge, learning and ability to work together as a team. It is therefore highly imperative that a school must have a proper sports and extra-curricular structure. Engaging themselves in sports, children learn by experience on how to collectively perform and support a common cause. This creates a sense of harmony and integrity in them, which is a basic ingredient of a proficient and learning society. A major hindrance in Pakistan being a good nation and prosperous society is effectively due to the lack of proper facilities in our educational system, teaching students only the academia while ignoring their other skills. Consequently, most of our students don’t get enough opportunity to recreate and analyze their environment at all.

Hence, a society will only get successful and talented individuals when they have a proper understanding and clear idea of their core values and norms learnt from home, while having a balanced educational system encouraging them to increase their skills in academia as well as promoting their thinking and recreational abilities.

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